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FireHawk Funerals from Legacy Tribute pushes the boundaries of our current knowledge and experience to rapidly move forward, both for ourselves and our clients.


The Sky's The Limit

It's the little things

You’ve grown – Your brand has matured and carried you through, but now it’s time to evolve. Let us help you.

We can work with you to create stunning printed brochures, stationery suites, posters, banners, signage, service booklets and everything in between – all in perfect harmony with your new brand.

Your time is precious – We appreciate the pressures and fast paced nature of running a funeral home and can help take care of the design side of your business – so you can focus on what you do best!

We've got you covered!


Responsive, beautiful and perfectly in keeping with your funeral home.


Branded, editable templates or individudal custom designs, any theme or style!


Funeral notice templates & custom advertising graphics to share with the community.


Advertising materials - brochures , flyers, newspaper Ads and funeral notice designs.


Professional design to outfit your staff - Suits, shirts, ties and badges!


From pull up banners to posters spread your brand throughout the communnity.


Interior, exterior and vehicle signage. From the front door to the hearse!


Personalize your services with stunning chapel hold screens to match custom OOS designs.

Time for a refresh?

Connecting threads

Website design

We’re living in a digital world and your website is a crucially important marketing tool for your business. It serves as a virtual equivalent of your physical business and should seamlessly represent your brand.

One of the key findings in the Foresight Funeral and Cemetery Consumer Behavior Study is that “You must be prepared to have a solid online presence and allowing families to find prices online is a key part of the future.” Transparency of pricing and relevance of the content on your website is KEY. We will help you find the best online strategy for your Funeral Home, with a Website that you will be proud of.

In addition, we can provide professional photography and help you develop new and relevant content for your website, including video content specifically for your business.

Building a voice

Social Media

Social media advertising is a powerful and targeted medium. It’s all about creating memorable and emotive visuals that will connect with your audience.

We can create beautiful personalized graphics relating to the funeral industry and the services you provide.

We’ll help tailor a social media strategy for you to boost your brand awareness, and grow your business.

Making Connections


Your business is more than a logo. At every touch point your brand should be consistent to your client families, with that same comforting look and feel across your footprint.

We can create stunning printed brochures such as ‘Who we are’ and ‘Why pre-paid?’ to advertise your facilities and services to the wider community.

Change can be daunting
but also exciting

We’ll work with you to ensure our designs are perfectly personalized for your business. Our team can help develop your signature brand from the ground up or just a refresh. You’ll be empowered to advertise your funeral home proudly within your community.

In the spotlight

Posters & Banners

Print advertising has an emotional impact on viewers. Potential clients are able to connect with a visual and tie it to your brand.

Bring your brand to life within the community with meaningful messages and visuals.

Representing the brand


A new logo, marketing materials and brand without an elegant personalised uniform is like a cake without icing.

It’s the finishing touch that brings it all together and ensures your image is complete. We’ll discuss colours and styles and work with you to present your brand with elegance and professionalism.

Time to make a statement


Is your funeral home in the spotlight?

Your business signage should convey the promise of your brand, your attention to detail and quality service.

We can create striking signs that tell the story of your funeral home before a family even steps inside.


It takes a touch of magic to get attention today
and that’s where Firehawk can help.

Spreading the message

Social Funeral Notices

Publishing tribute pages/obituaries on your website and social media creates amazing engagement within your community.

We know the pressures of time, let us create stunning funeral notice templates that make it easy for you to add information, or send us the service details and we’ll do it for you!

Those special touches

Tributes & Streaming

The power of an Intelligent CRM, now with Live Streaming & Memorialization. We’ve partnered with industry partners to increase website traffic through online funeral service delivery.

Personalised goodbyes

Orders Of Service

Creating an order of service is more than just putting together an itinerary. It’s a connection to the person being honoured and should be memorable and unique.

From templates in keeping with your brand, to fully custom and individual booklets based on themes, hobbies and interests, let us take care of the details.

Our team can create stunning service booklet designs that will become cherished mementos for the families you care for.

A custom memento

Memorial Books

Our Books App is all about simplicity. Using our custom built template themes, just add your content to create stunning printed memorials for the families you care for.

At every touch point

Special Touches

Beautiful branding highlights your funeral homes commitment to the little details. From full stationery suites and thankyou cards to newspaper advertising and tissues packs; together we can tell your story.

We’ll help you create a suite of professional and unique branded products perfectly in harmony with your new voice.

Those special touches

Chapel Screens

We know the importance families place on a final goodbye. Personal digital chapel screens should represent your funeral home and the unique and individual life that is being celebrated.

Send us your service details and we will produce a one of a kind digital memorial to add that special touch to your clients’ ceremony.

Market & Memorialize

FireHawk Funerals

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